A Youtube vid you might be interested in Pusherman – Curtis Mayfield 1972 (Classic)

I’m your Mama I’m your Daddy I’m that nigga In the alley I’m your doctor When in need Want some coke? Have some weed You know me I’m your friend Your main boy Thick and thin I’m your Pusherman (2x) Ain’t I clean Bad machine Super cool Super mean Dealin’ good For The Man Superfly Here I stand Secret stash Heavy bread Baddest bitches In the bed I’m your pusherman (3x) Silent life of crime A man of odd circumstance a Victim of ghetto demands Feed me money for style And I’ll let you trip for a while Insecure from the past How long can a good thing last? Woo-hoo, no… Got to be mellow, y’all Gotta get mellow, now Pusherman gettin’ mellow, y’all Heavy mind Heavy sign Makin’ money All the time My ‘El D.’ And just me For all junkies To see Ghetto Prince Is my thing Makin’ love’s How I swing I’m your Pusherman (2x) ‘Two bags, please’ For a generous fee Make your world What you want it to be Got a woman I love desperately Wanna give her somethin’ better than me Been told I can’t be nuthin’ els


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