Prince Is Gone. Now What?

For many of us, we still haven t fully processed the loss of the most amazing musician on the planet, Prince. The immense library of music that he gave us. The careers he launched and revived. How is he gone? My heart really aches every time I think about it. I really tried to see if there was anything positive from his passing and even the selfish things that came to mind weren t worth a world without him. It was humbling to have him tweet about Funkatopia. We were one of the last dozen tweets he did before his passing. AUDIO PERFECTION — Prince (@prince) April 15, 2016 And while traffic is a blessing to a website owner, we weren t huge fans of the 2nd wave of traffic that came as a result of USA Today covering his final days and mentioning the tweet about the review we had posted. Even though they spelled the website name wrong. None of it seemed important. This is not how we wanted attention. Prince has mentioned Funkatopia via Twitter at least a half doze


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